What is Blended Learning?

Have you ever wondered what Blended Learning really is, where it came from or maybe even why is it becoming an ever more prevalent word in society? More than just a phrase, it’s a style of learning that in our opinion is a HUGE benefit to many students out there who have found that neither the conventional school system nor the entirely online system works for them. 

We like the Christensen Institute’s definition:

A formal education program in which a student learns at least in part through online delivery of content and instruction, with some element of student control over time, place, path and/or pace and at least in part at a supervised bring-and-mortar location away from home.”

Some think of blended learning as the “mass customization of education,” in that we can now individualize instruction according to student interest and ability — like we customize our computers and cell phones to make them just the way we like them.  We call it the best way for students of all ability levels to achieve their personal best.

Here’s a link to a great article from the Washington Post to explain the concept: Here’s how we can reinvent the classroom for the digital age.

Finally, a helpful Wikipedia page about Blended Learning. The video on the right-hand side of this page is a good introduction, too.

College Counseling Services Now Available

Kathryn Kelly attended the Summer Training Institute at Swarthmore in August 2018 and is now a member of both the Independent Education Consultants Association (IECA) and the National Association of College Admissions Counseling (NACAC), offering college counseling assistance for colleges in the US and internationally.  We specialize in helping students achieve unique college and career goals. One of our students is currently attending Temple University's campus in Japan where she is studying Japanese and International Business; another is applying to Cambridge to study advanced math; another is studying to be a commercial airline pilot at Rocky Mountain College; another is applying to colleges this fall to become a cybersecurity expert.  Find more information at www.yourcollegeconsultant.com.

We Offer Accuplacer Tests and Proctoring

Accuplacer tests are required to place into college English and math courses at UNR, TMCC, WNC, Sierra College, and others.  Instead of taking the tests at the college, you may now take them at I-School.  $35 per test and results are immediate.  Call 775.831.2423 or email admin@ischools.us to make an appointment.

Proctoring is also available, at $50 per exam.

I·School in the News

February 2018 update: I·School passed its mid-cycle accreditation visit and looks forward to the next round of visits in three years.

June 2015:  With encouragement from WCSD, I·School earns six-year accreditation by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) as a Supplementary Education Program.  Translation:  any of our hundreds of carefully vetted courses are now transferable to any high school in the nation AND we are no longer limited to offering only courses currently given somewhere in Washoe County School District.  That’s actually state law.  Yes, students can now take and transfer credit for Japanese, marine biology, and many more.  And we still issue diplomas as a satellite of Independence High School in Washington State.  Isn’t it nice to have choices?

WASC accreditation was followed by NCAA accreditation in July 2015 — important for our students who travel to compete in athletic events. ISchool now offers over 100 NCAA-approved courses — more than any high school in the district.

Here are some recent articles about I-School that highlight how today’s “alternative” form of education is a glimpse of how we will learn in the years to come, thanks to the ability of technology to individualize learning.  (Remember when a cell phone was an “alternative” kind of phone?)

May 2015:  There’s an ‘i’ in this team: North Tahoe specialty school turning the pages on alternative education.

April 2015:  Inspiring Thoughtful Change.

April 2015:  Environmental scientist turned full-time mom drawing attention for blended-learning model.

Cybersecurity and Computer Forensics

Want to study computer science in college, but don’t have many courses available to take in high school? Among many computer courses we offer are individual courses in cybersecurity, forensics, and other advanced applications of computer science. Some courses combine to a certificate in specialized areas. Please call or write for information.

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4)  Fix!  Need help with learning how to use, fix or update your computer, phone or tablet?  Want to learn how to use Microsoft Office, Photoshop, or many other software packages?  Let one of our students work on it with you under teacher supervision in return for a donation to ISchool.  It’s great career training and they are very good at it.

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