Tuition is $900 per month for every month the student attends school.  Competitive skiers, for example, often attend school April to November and pay tuition only those months.  Payment is due the first of each month.  529 College Savings Account funds may now be used to pay tuition under the recent tax reform; please consult your tax advisor.

Hundreds of individual courses are available at costs ranging from $200 (PE) to $590 per semester (AP courses).  We offer over 100 NCAA- and UC a-g approved courses which can be transferred to any public or private school, in addition to many MOOCs.  Students with special interests may also design their own courses in subjects from archaeology to oceanography to videography, or take a wide variety of languages.

One-on-one preparation for ACT, SAT, SSAT, and other standardized tests is $1,120 per course.  A variety of college planning packages are available, from group workshops through intensive individual support.

Tutoring is available at $75 per hour or $600 for a block of 10 hours. Test proctoring is $35 per test.

Many standardized testing and placement tests are available.  Please ask.